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Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Fredericton Guild Blog signs off ... for now

With the posting of the Picket Puppets video, the wrap-up of picketing by non-sock Guild members, and today's ratification vote, this blog site will be going into hibernation. Your humble blog editor will not be posting or maintaining this site on a regular basis.

The site will remain up indefinitely, however, and the Guild local may choose to keep it going as another communications options as we move into the post-lockout era.

If you want to copy any pictures, podcasts or other material, please do so now by right-clicking on what you want, and saving it to your hard drive. We will be copying the entire blog onto a CD for the Guild's archiving project, but it will be simpler for individuals who want material to copy it now.

Thanks to all who contributed to this experiment: Curtis for all the photos, Michael Stuart for maintaining the "thanks" page and donating server space, Don Flatt for helping to post the podcasts, George Butters for some server space in the first frantic week, Indy Media for server space, members of the public for posting comments and spurring more discussion, and anyone else who posted or helped and whom I have forgotten to mention.

During the lockout blogging and podcasting have proven themselves to be effective and even exciting new ways of communicating. Let's hope the CBC takes note.

The last early shift!

The last morning shift of the CBC 2005 Lock-Out.
L-R Barb, Richard, Lori,Vanessa, Myfawnwy, Terry, and Catherine.

The Picket Puppets

Enjoy the adventures of Larry Lockout, Paul Picket, Lucy Loqout, Vicki Viewer and Counter MacBean (the management puppet). Low Quality Windows Media (.wmv) 4.8mb High Quality Quicktime (.mov) 20.3MB

Final token of appreciation!

Sarah adds a few finishing touches to the sign she created as a thank you to the commuters. They have been exceptional in their positive show of support for us. Thanks again.

One final visit.

Heather Robinson's mother paid us one final visit this afternoon. She is just too cool!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Temps being laid off!

These guys have been told that they are no longer needed, and will be retired as soon as the ratification vote is taken. (more to the story...)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Thank you from all of us!

This is something we have waited 51 days for...the end of the Lockout. Here Terry Seguin, Pat Callighan, and Deb Nobes wave to passing traffic. We all want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all shows of support during this difficult time.
The picket line is to remain in effect until the ratification vote later this week.

Day 51...Celebrating a victory!

Entertainment on the morning shift. The band members are:
Jeannine Gallant (on the trombone)
Matt Robinson (on trumpet)
Vetch (on guitar)
Mark Winchester on drum set.

Monday, October 03, 2005

"It became a work of art, this labour dispute"

The Guild's CBC branch president Arnold Amber gave an interview to Tod Maffin's CBC Unplugged, following the announcement of the agreement, in which he commented on blogs and other tools that become part of the Guild strategy across the country:

To all our members who throughout this lockout worked so hard to get the public involved, to get politicians involved, to create as well incredible imaginative websites, this is a new modern age labour dispute that our members carried out to the fullest. Many people had a great time on the line and did some of the most imaginative and thoughtful things, and it became a work of art, this labour dispute. I thank that all the people for their support, their activity, and we couldn't have gotten at the table what we did without all that help, so I want to thank all of them.

You can read the full transcript, or listen to the audio, at Tod's site.

Chris Turner: Our Hero

This is Chris Turner, one of our technicians at CBC Fredericton. For the last eighteen months, Chris has sacrificed a great deal of his time and family life to sit on the Guild's national negotiating committee. Chris has worked extremely hard to get us the tentative deal that was struck early this morning. We owe him a huge amount of thanks. Way to go, Chris! Come home soon!


More details are available at the Guild negotiations web site. We'll have more information soon on when we'll be back on the air.

Thanks to everyone for your support over the last seven weeks! There is a definite feeling within the union that the pressure on federal MPs really helped move things along, so a special thanks to everyone who called or wrote their Members of Parliament.