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Friday, September 30, 2005

Keep the pressure on

It's the end of week seven and negotiations are continuing in Ottawa. It's our belief that public pressure is what convinced federal Labour Minister Joe Fontana to summon both sides to Ottawa in the first place. But there is always a risk that talks will derail.Continued public pressure on the government will convince the minister to keep pushing for a deal.

If you care about the CBC and public broadcasting, it's critical that your voice is heard now. Please click here to contact Labour Minister Joe Fontana and tell him to continue his efforts to end the lockout.

This week's FREDERICTON UNLOCKED featuring Shelagh Rogers

This week's show featured Shelagh Rogers as a special guest host. Here's the audio.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

N.B. Liberal leader to feds: Push for a deal

New Brunswick Liberal leader Shawn Graham visited the Fredericton picket line today and told locked-out Guild members that he's written a letter to Prime Minister Paul Martin, urging the federal government to push for an end to the lockout.

Excerpts from the letter:

With the lock-out currently in its seventh week, these CBC employees and their families are facing difficult economic times.

Although the CBC is continuing to broadcast, it is not currently fulfilling its role as a public broadcaster. It is important that CMG members return to work as soon as possible to ensure that quality coverage of local, regional and national issues can resume.

I am glad to see that Joe Fontana, your Minister of Labour, has decided to play a positive role in bringing both sides together in this dispute. I would certainly urge you, and your Minister, to use your good offices in bringing the lock-out to an end and ensuring that a fair contract between the CBC and its CMG employees is put in place.

Graham told members today that he has contacts in Fontana's office, and he will use them to make sure the minister keeps the pressure on for a deal.

Graham is the second New Brunswick party leader to visit the picket line in Fredericton. Newly elected NDP leader Allison Brewer visited yesterday. So far, Premier Bernard Lord has not responded to invitations to drop by.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Group picture

Day 45. Warm, sunny, and a behive of activity. Shelagh posed for a group photo with members from the 2-6 p.m. shift and others. Standing, L-R: Mark, Ed (partially hidden), Kevin, Jolene, Curtis, Debbie, Shelagh, Catherine, Lori, Bob, Jennifer, Stéphane, Joe, Jacques, Darryl. Kneeling: Sarah, Sue (Shelagh's producer), Mary-Pat, Don.

Shelagh Rogers visit

Here Shelagh tries to match wits with the all knowledgeable Bob Mersereau.

It was great having her join us on the picket line today. It created a lot of activity on the line with students and listeners dropping by to talk with everyone.

Shelagh Rogers visit

Thom Swift of Hot Toddy told Shelagh that he attributes a lot of the band's success to exposure on CBC, and he said he's worried that the impact of the lockout will have on their new album, "Live at the Blackbox," recorded with another New Brunswick band, Isaac & Blewett. Thom is so grateful for CBC's coverage over the years that he offered to wear a lockout t-shirt during the band's upcoming tour. Here he is checking out the shirt with Shelagh.

Shelagh Rogers Sept 28th

Shelagh met with Thom Swift of the local band "Hot Toddy." Here Jacques is recording a song that Tom sang for us. Jacques also recorded an interview between Shelagh and Thom that will be part of this week's Fredericton Unlocked, 7:30 a.m. Friday on CHSR 97.9 FM.

It was Shelagh Rogers Day today in Fredericton

Shelagh Rogers picketed in Fredericton today. She met many CBC listeners who would like the lockout to end so that she can get back to hosting Sounds Like Canada. Shelagh is keeping a blog of her visits to lines across the country so keep checking there for her account of her visit.

During her day on the Fredericton picket line, Shelagh took questions from a class of journalism students at Fredericton High School, and also interviewed Thom Swift of Hot Toddy about the band's new CD. You'll be able to hear both of those items on this week's Fredericton Unlocked, Friday at 7:30 a.m. on CHSR 97.9 FM.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

CBC Adrift

Adrift? By all accounts, yes! At least while the current leadership stays the course. Commuters were treated to this group today; afraid the the ship is sinking and they need their life jackets . It would be a wonderful treat to see Senior management do the right thing, and get the CBC back on the right course. End this immoral lockout; lobby government for the right funding model; end the political patronage within the Board of Directors; and finally, make staff feel as though they were welcome members of the workforce.

Anthony Germain of The House on the CBC in crisis

We've just added a link to the column at right for an excellent piece by Anthony Germain about why the CBC is in crisis. It's found under "Other Links" and is well worth reading.