The voice of members of The Canadian Media Guild, Fredericton.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Day 27...Boyce Farmers Market

Another loyal listener getting her question answered by George. The show will be on the site as soon as possible, so please check back often.

Day 27...Boyce Farmers Market

On a cold, crisp morning, Vanessa and MyFanwy talk to George Scott about gardening issues. At 7:00am on this brisk morning there were very few people around quite yet to get questions answered. Did I mention it was cold!

Assembly line!

The requests are still coming in!! Curtis has been busy making the t-shirts for the members that ask.

Day 26 pictures

Catherine Veysey created this little guy, dubbed Lockout Larry. Look for him as you drive by.

Day 26 pictures

We all hope that this won't be the case, but this may be another sunrise that we have to experience while we find the doors to CBC locked. Here is Terry Sequin and Barb Roberts; still working the morning shift.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Come to our Gardening Phone-In on SATURDAY

The special locked-out, phoneless edition of Information Morning's popular Gardening Phone-In with George Scott is ready to go! Members of CMG Fredericton, who were blocked from doing their jobs starting on Aug.15, will be on the Brunswick Street sidewalk just outside the Boyce Farmers' Market this coming Saturday, Sept. 10, from 7 to 8 a.m. George will be there with us. Look for George in his spiffy green shirt and CMG members in their -- uh -- spiffy lockout placards!

If you have a gardening question for George, just walk right up and introduce yourself. We'll record your question and George's answer right on the spot. We'll edit the questions and answers into a single audio file, which you'll be able to download and listen to from this site.

It's our way of saying that we care about our listeners and about the programs we work hard to bring them.

A Fredericton member on the Toronto picket line

Fredericton CMG member Jacques Poitras is in Toronto to attend a wedding and dropped by the picket line outside CBC's Toronto Broadcast Centre. He reports:

The Toronto picket line is certainly different in atmosphere and in numbers from the Fredericton line. The building sits on a full city block, and it takes a good 5-10 minutes to do one circuit of the building with the picket line. As well, every day at noon the Guild organizes something in Simcoe Park next to the building -- live music, food, speeches of support from other labour organizations, etc.

Many people I spoke to asked about how things are going in Fredericton, and were happy to hear about the overwhelming public support we've been getting. They were also very encouraging about our initiatives like the gardening phone-in and the Fredericton Unlocked show that we're going to launch on Sept. 16 on CHSR 97.9 FM.

Guild president Lise Lareau addressed a crowd of about 75 members today and said there has been more progress, albeit minor, at the negotiating table, and that both sides have agreed to keep talking on Saturday and Sunday, which she takes as a very good sign. Lise later told me that, in a normal situation, it should take no more than two more weeks for the negotiating teams to finish the work left to be done. But that's assuming CBC management behaves rationally, which it hasn't been doing so far. Still, her tone was optimistic.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

CBC Mailing...

One of our members got the junk mailing from CBC, and his daughter had her way with it. The envelope is now actually more informative than the contents. Good work Maggie! It has since been "Returned to Sender".

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The smallest picket!

This little guy was discovered walking the line with us this afternoon. After a few minutes of enjoying everyones undivided attention, he made his way off the line and into the grass.

Podcast Day on the picket line

CMG members in Fredericton got a chance today to listen to the various podcasts (on-line radio shows) being produced by locked-out Guild members across the country. Don Flatt brought in a laptop computer and a big speaker so we could listen to some of the shows he downloaded last night, from locations as diverse as Vancouver, Ottawa, Regina and Yellowknife. We also listened to Shelagh Rogers' podcast of her journeys across the country so far. These podcasts are available to you at

CMG members in Fredericton are on the verge of being able to announce our own return to the airwaves, both on radio and on the web. Watch this site for more news in the days to come.

Day 24 picture

Hmmmmm! To the lowest bidder?

Day 24 Picture

Stephan and Jacques look over the deals at a local restaurant. This would have gone unnoticed, but they were really studying it!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Day 23 picture

This is the result of 6 hours of walking in circles in the hot sun. Jacques Poitras sits back to rest his feet and nods off for a few moments.

Day 23 pictures

A CBC welcome back from vacation! Debbie Logue and Catherine Veysey rejoin the staff after several weeks away.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Day 22...Labour Day

The parade took about an hour, and ended at a local park. Families were invited to a free barbeque and a day of fun. Here is a picture of the CBC gang that attended.

Day 22...Labour Day

Spirits were high as we walked through the Saint John streets. Along the way we were greeted by many honking horns, and many people looking for post cards.

Day 22...Labour Day

It was a beautiful day in Saint John for a parade. The CBC contingent met at Harbour Station and were first in line after the Labour Bell.