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Monday, October 03, 2005

"It became a work of art, this labour dispute"

The Guild's CBC branch president Arnold Amber gave an interview to Tod Maffin's CBC Unplugged, following the announcement of the agreement, in which he commented on blogs and other tools that become part of the Guild strategy across the country:

To all our members who throughout this lockout worked so hard to get the public involved, to get politicians involved, to create as well incredible imaginative websites, this is a new modern age labour dispute that our members carried out to the fullest. Many people had a great time on the line and did some of the most imaginative and thoughtful things, and it became a work of art, this labour dispute. I thank that all the people for their support, their activity, and we couldn't have gotten at the table what we did without all that help, so I want to thank all of them.

You can read the full transcript, or listen to the audio, at Tod's site.


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