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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Road Warriors

Guild members Michael Stuart from Fredericton and Saint John's John Chillibeck braved the elements Friday to attend a CMG rally in Kingston, Ontario. Both are visiting with family in Ottawa and doing their picket duties there. Michael reports:

I've been here one week and John, two. We do most of our picketing outside the CBC's main entrance on the Sparks Street Mall. At least one hour is also done a block down on Queen Street where the managers enter the back door every day.

There's a trailer on Sparks Street and a sound stage set up. Noon hour programs (both English and French) are done each day with interviews and musical guests.

On Friday, more than a hundred locked out workers (20 from Ottawa and 80 from
Toronto) bussed to Kingston. Only one reporter works out of that city, but listeners there are very supportive of CBC programming.

We started out at Queen's University where an hour-long live radio show was broadcast on the campus station. It featured locked out employees such as Marylou Findlay of 'As It Happens' and national TV reporter Keith Boag among others. Guests included both supporters and critics of CBC and there were a number of call-ins from local listeners.

Then CBC employees and members of several other unions in the Kingston area marched through the downtown to a park outside City Hall. Despite the thunder, lightning and heavy rain, the turnout was good.

After the speeches, Kingston native Sarah Harmer showed up to perform two songs. She said artists across Canada are disappointed with the lockout and that the workers have their support.


Anonymous Heather said...

I attended some of these events in Kingston and the crowd was truy remarkable for such a wet day! I am disappointed not to have run into our New Brunswick CBCers there. Keep up the good work guys!

4:44 PM

Anonymous guile said...

sarah harmer.. i just love her songs..

11:00 PM


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