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Friday, September 02, 2005

Lockout blogs worthy of your attention

If you're just joining us here, there are some others we want to recommend to you. First, Sounds Like Canada host Shelagh Rogers has begun a cross-Canada caravan and she is posting to her blog as she goes. Take note of Shelagh's thoughts on the "Best of" Sounds Like Canada that's been airing on CBC Radio during the lockout.

Then there's Alison Crawford's lockout blog from Winnipeg. Alison scored the blog scoop of the week when she obtained internal management memos telling CBC managers to not be nice to picketing workers. A second memo later reversed the policy-and Alison got a leak of that one, too!

Finally, the king of lockout bloggers, Tod Maffin, always seems to be up to date with all the latest info. And the Guild's own news site has a daily round-up of lockout news.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the kudos!
I like to think I'm still doing the job I love - investigative journalism. You see...we are all still passionate and creative people. We won't stop being good writers, editors, producers, videographers and reporters just because the CBC locked us out.
Power to the bloggers and cheers to us!
Alison Crawford

11:43 PM


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