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Friday, August 26, 2005

Woodstock welcomes the Guild

Two locked-out employees of CBC in Fredericton were warmly welcomed in Woodstock this morning. Barbara Roberts and Jacques Poitras travelled upriver and spent some time at the Farmers' Market, handing out postcards to people who said they missed CBC programming. They also visited the offices of MP Andy Savoy and MLA David Alward, and ran into Woodstock Mayor Jeff Wright. Wright said he would mail one of the cards to Prime Minister Paul Martin.

Overall, the response was very enthusiastic, with many people telling Barbara and Jacques that they miss their regular programs and that they don't like what management has been putting on the air.

There has been discussion in Ottawa that the federal government may appoint a special mediator in the dispute, something the Guild would welcome. It's clear that grassroots pressure from CBC viewers and listeners is getting through, and it's equally clear how important it is that the pressure continue.

Look for more locked-out CBC employees in other communities in New Brunswick next week!


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