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Friday, August 19, 2005

"They deserve our support."

This letter to the editor appeared in yesterday's Globe and Mail, and hits the nail on the head:

... So 5,500 people have been locked out of their workplace for who knows how long. Why? Simply because they believe that attracting and keeping the high-quality, creative professionals required to maintain and develop a strong product and organization cannot happen if all that's offered in the future are ad hoc short-term contracts.

How many Globe readers, who find it so easy to sucker-punch the CBC, would be willing to spend their careers going from one contract to another, with no benefits?

These workers are justifiably proud of a network that, due to their long-term commitment, has produced superb news reportage, satirical comedy, documentaries, sports coverage, and children's programming. All they want is the opportunity for such dedication to continue, for the good of the product. And the product is ours -- we pay for it, we own it. We do deserve the highest quality. They deserve oru support.

Betsy Hogan, Halifax


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