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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Problems posting for non-Guild members

We were told today by a fellow blogger that they've been unable to post comments to this site, even though they are registered with Blogger. We've changed the settings to make this possible. However, please remember that any objectionable or libellous comments will be deleted. If this becomes a recurring problem, we will revert to the previous practise of letting only members of this blog post.

You still need to register with Blogger to comment. Registration doesn't require you to start your own blog (although we do recommend it because it's such fun), but it is required if you want to post a comment here. In our experience, registration does not cost anything and does not lead to any spam arriving in your inbox.

UPDATE, FIVE HOURS LATER: In a few short hours, two spam posts quickly appeared on this blog as a result of us lifting the restriction on comments. Because we don't want spam/commercial content on this blog, this has forced us to revert to the original plan to let only members of this blog post comments. Sorry to everyone who wanted to post genuine comments, but because of picket duty, we are unable to monitor the site continually to delete spam.


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