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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Our colleagues in the north have a blog

The ten CBC and Radio-Canada workers who are locked out in northern New Brunswick have their own blog, I discovered this morning. You can link here, or by using the link in the right-hand column.


Blogger Draken said...

Anyone know what's up in Saint John?? No blog, no site.....nada...just wondering

7:27 p.m.

Blogger CMG Fredericton said...

I offered them access to this blog last week but didn't here back ... The guy I spoke to said they might do their own ... I decided to leave it in their hands.

7:56 p.m.

Blogger Draken said...

Ok, thanks.....just wondering. I'd drop by the line and ask them myself, but they are gone by them time i'm off work.
Anyway, keep you chin up folks....we miss you all on the air, but this is an important fight.

8:46 p.m.


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