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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Federal Liberal caucus chair promises to lobby ministers

Tobique-Mactaquac Liberal MP Andy Savoy has told Fredericton members of the Canadian Media Guild that he will personally contact two federal cabinet ministers in an effort to encourage a settlement in the lockout and get CBC programming back on the air.

Savoy, who chairs the federal Liberal caucus, met on Wednesday afternoon with locked-out Guild members Richard Robinson and Jacques Poitras, both of whom live in his riding, and Roy Gjelstad. The meeting took place at the Keswick Ridge Community Hall.

Savoy said he will contact Labour Minister Joe Fontana to try to speed along the appointment of a special mediator, something that has been discussed for almost a week now. Savoy will also speak to Heritage Minister Liza Frulla about the delay in appointing a new chair of the CBC board of directors. (This is a crucial accountability issue. Because the position is vacant, CBC president Robert Rabinovitch has been acting as chair, meaning he is overseeing the very group that is supposed to hold him accountable to the taxpayers.)

Savoy says he knows that many of his constitutents miss their CBC programming. "I speak for everyone in the valley when I say CBC is a crucial part of our lifestyle and of our quality of life," he told the Guild members. "The sooner things get back to normal, the better."


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